More sounds of good-bye

It’s funny when the impact of leaving hits me. It’s never at sentimental, deep moments. Instead, it’s when I’m enjoying life, appreciating the fullness of my community here in Indianapolis.

For example, today I tutored at my favorite coffee shop, spoke on the phone with a number of family members, shared a smoothie with my old roommate and good friend. None of these experiences made me teary or sad, even though undoubtedly I will miss them all while in Thailand.

Instead, I grew sad as I left the Rathskellar Biergarten after a wonderful performance by a local band. I went with a friend and classmate, met up with a former co-worker, and ran into an old friend. The night was perfect, and the atmosphere intoxicating (also, in the spirit of honesty – rather intoxicated themselves) – hundreds of people packed in, dancing their hearts out to tunes from an Indianapolis-grown band, thrilled to be in the best outdoor venue in town. This is what I will miss: the easy familiarity that has grown in my three years in the Circle City, the sensation that I am no longer a visitor, but a native.

So that’s why I spent my twenty-minute ride home choking back tears, the Biergarten made me prematurely homesick.


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