Bangkok in full Color

Well, I’m beginning to think that there’s too much to look at to think or write in full sentences here in Thailand. Maybe it’s the hours of verbal processing that take place with my roommate here, or the tens of new people I interact and speak with everyday, but the thought of posting jumbles my head.

Instead, here’re a few thoughts and wonderful happenings followed by a short slide show. If the pictures aren’t self-explanatory, leave me a comment and ask me about them!

Food: Still amazing, and I’m much less of a wimp than I was last year, always ready to try a new spicy dish. Hence, my stomach is a bit annoyed with me and pleading for a break, “Give me something normal, for pity’s sake!”

This week: Has been exciting for me to watch as the students are working on projects with PhD students, a bit over their heads – and producing great work.

Weather: Hot, and steamy, muggy, wet, humid, sauna-like, etc. Still, it’s raining everyday and that is beautiful and welcome.

My new job: Starts on the 23rd. EEK! Today I had the unexpected opportunity to meet my new boss. What a relief! She’s lived in Indianapolis, taken classes at IUPUI and speaks great, casual English.

Next week: We head up to the North-East region, and start a new project with younger students, doing a home-stay and eating different food.

Thai massages: Still great, and the most entertaining thing to con my friends into doing with me…and watching their shock when their body is contorted into gymnast-like positions. Best laughs of the trip!

Picture time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

p.s. WordPress finesse still escapes me, hence these are completely out of order. Oops!


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