Commuting fiend

Well. The group I’ve been with for most of the past 2 weeks (from IUPUI) has left, mostly. As of Friday, 6 were heading to tropical islands in the south, 2 were heading to Chiang Mai, 1 headed home, and the last one joined me for a few days in Bangkok before I started work. I’ve just gotten back from the airport and I’d like to clearly state that, although I may have inflicted many a good-bye on others, I do NOT appreciate having the favor returned. No. More. Leaving. Me. Please!!

In other news, I’ve begun my job. So far – wonderful and amazing. Before I go into all of those stories, I’d like to tell you about my transit to work. It’s a doozy, let me tell ya!

First, I walk a few blocks out of the neighborhood where I live.

 This is not actually my road, but it’s nearby. Now you know what I’m talking about.

Then, I start walking toward my destination, keeping a close eye for the local “truck bus”.

For less than a quarter (each), I spend 30-45 minutes and take two of these “busses” to the Airport Link.

Unfortunately, before I can board I have to cross a road, in the subarbs of Bangkok, which looks something like this:

Once I safely cross the road, I have this parking lot to cross:

Finally! To the station itself. And the beginning of stairs, starting with two flights:

Onto the train, sometimes it’s crowded and sometimes it’s empty:


Either way, I am always the minority and have never waited more than 6 minutes. Speaking of waiting, it turns out that no one knows the train or bus schedule. I know when to leave, and I know I won’t wait more than 10 minutes, and that sums up my knowledge of the mass transit schedule.

Okay, half-way there!  Now, on to another line…but first a little walk along a freight train track, across the street and around the corner.

The cars don’t really stop. HOWEVER! I learned this evening that policeman tell them to stop during rush hour, so it’s potentially safer to cross then than earlier in the day.

Another 3 flights of stairs/escalators, swiping my other card, going through the metal detector, and I board another line:


At last, I’m back outside. Check-out the skyview of the crosswalks – ABOVE streetlevel. This sounds brilliant. Unless you’ve already climbed 5 flights of stairs.

Time for the best part: Mototaxi!

I sit on the back, practice my balance and hold onto the handle for dear life 🙂 It’s so fun.

If I’m in a skirt, I sit like this…but not nearly as gracefully. I’m sure my adrenaline rush/terror is very apparent to my poor driver.

Finally, after 1 hour and 45 minutes – I arrive at work.



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