Posted in August 2012

Clearly, I have a slightly different vantage point than the average Thai: Taken with my phone, on the train today [please excuse the quality]. Claustrophobia, anyone? Advertisements

Like a sore thumb

When I was recruiting students to come to Thailand with my university’s study abroad trip in July, one of the comments I made was how people in Thailand are too polite to stare/point at us Caucasians. At the time, I completely believed my little anecdote. You see, while in South America, it wasn’t unusual for … Continue reading

Gaining Perspective

Something’s been nagging me for the past twenty-four hours, making me edgy and uncomfortable. I blamed it on worry about my friends from America visiting, and not having an interpreter or guide. No, they’re fine. Then I blamed it on my love of New Orleans, and the sadness I experience as a result of the … Continue reading

Inklings of confusion

I often get the impression that I only half-understand my responsibilities at work. I tried to explain this to my mom, how no matter how simple the situation seemed – I probably missed something. Typically, this doesn’t cause major issues, but it’s a nagging annoyance. Today gave me a clear picture of the truth in … Continue reading

My Happy Tea

My happy place is synonymous with tea. Happy glorious, dark, warm and creamy tea. There’s a line in Anne of Green Gables where Anne’s caretaker is described as one of those people who sees little in the world that cannot be solved with a good cup of tea. Personally, I don’t understand anyone aside from … Continue reading

Going Thai

I feel like the last week finally turned into my normal life in Indiana, meaning I was finally socially busy with a wide variety of people – like normal. The 5 days of silence came as a result of 5 nights of not getting home before bedtime, and then doing it again the next day. … Continue reading

For the record

….You should know that the following situation is wreaking havoc on my pronuncation of the English Language, even if I am speaking my native language: 1. Speaking almost exclusively with non-native English-speakers. 2. Listening to BBC Radio, and British DJs for 7 hours a day. 3. Listening to Indian pop music on BBC Radio, with … Continue reading

Stories on the Train

Yesterday I met a gentleman on the train. This isn’t unusual, I see foreigners on my commute everyday, but I tend to ignore them. This is in part because, honestly, I’m not a very friendly traveler. I prefer my quiet and a book, my thoughts and space. It’s that way on a plane, a bus … Continue reading

Community Void

Several of my friends from IUPUI didn’t graduate with me in May, but will instead finish their studies in December. These ladies return to school today, and the thought makes me just a bit homesick. It doesn’t seem to matter that I’m happy to have this adventure, I still miss the old adventure and the … Continue reading

Down to work

A few (dozen) of my readers have asked me – not on my blog – how work is going. You know, the purpose for my time here, what enabled me to come and write such ridiculous and entertaining stories. That. I shy away from discussing it too much because I don’t want to jeopardize my … Continue reading