Bangkok Streetfood 101

This is where my manager and I ate lunch on Friday

Step 1: I refer to this as the Communal Soup Bowl

Step 2: precooked noodles were placed into the cauldron, softened for a moment, then lifted out and placed into individual plastic bags.

Step 3: Veggies! If you want, there are precleaned veggies to add to your noodles

Step 4: Veggies and Noodles await Seasonings

How Spicy can You go?

Step 5: Meat! There are a few options here, I chose “Red Pork”….I think it’s barbequed.


Step 6: Adding Broth. Back to the Communal Soup Bowl, turning it into soup.

Step 7: Wrapping it up – tying up the plastic bags with an elastic band. This is the part that scares me.

See? All Done and ready to go. Extra broth for one person who didn’t want it premixed.

Step 8: Taking it home.

Essentially, this is what my lunch looked like on Friday: Arroy Makk, makk (really, really delicious!)


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