Down to work

A few (dozen) of my readers have asked me – not on my blog – how work is going. You know, the purpose for my time here, what enabled me to come and write such ridiculous and entertaining stories. That.

I shy away from discussing it too much because I don’t want to jeopardize my position in any way, or seem unprofessional in the event that a coworker should read this blog at some point in time…that said, I DID come here to work as an Interior Designer, so it’s high time I stop beating around the bush.

Work’s great. Beyond great. I kind of love it. At the end of my first day, my friend asked me how it was – really. I blurted out, “I cannot believe I get to do this for another 4.5 months!”

That still sums up my feelings on the subject. Being here [working overseas] is a dream come true. Actually enjoying my first job out of college – I feel like I hit the jackpot.

The firm where I’m interning is a small Architecture office, specializing in government buildings and condominiums, but also doing quite a bit of residential. I was hired as an intern in the Interiors department, which is one half-flight below the architects. Which means, I get to work in design and rub shoulders and chat with architects 5 days a week. EEEK!

Since I’ve already had two internships in Indianapolis, I went in with my eyes open knowing that I may not actually get much hands-on work, and could very well be relegated to organizing the materials room. Or not.

My first day on the job, I was shown a set of plans for a residential renovation and told, “I have no idea how to decorate these rooms. Can you come up with something? He likes custom designs.”

I spent the next week and a half creating custom designs for our client’s room – researching, sketching, changing, drawing, drafting in CAD, creating construction details and finally rendering [realistic coloring] for presentation. Then I received feedback, made changes and created more presentations. After that, I moved on to other rooms in the house and have completed more custom design details in the last 3 weeks than I did in my entire 5 years of undergraduate work.

My bosses have asked me to work on creating concepts, visiting clients, doing research, sitting through meetings both in English and Thai, discussed electrical plans and now I’m working as one of the the contracted Interior Designers for a hotel renovation.

Thais don’t let interns sit on the sidelines, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

The difficult part is that I have yet to be asked to do something in my area of expertise.

My boss – “Can you use CAD?”

Me – “Yeah, but I am very slow.”

My boss – “Okay, here are the plans, we always use CAD.”


My boss – “You can render in 3d?”

Me – “Not in CAD, in REVIT, or by hand.”

My boss – “Okay, you can use photoshop.”

NOTE: I haven’t rendered in photoshop in over a year and I hated it when I did render in photoshop. Now, that will be my life for the next month.

My skills are improving, because they don’t have an option.


During my past internships I’ve learned a lot – mostly by watching – and been exposed to a lot, yet if I wasn’t strong in some area they typically avoided giving me that task. There was too much going on to bother with an intern who wasn’t excelling at the exact, required rate. This time, well – catch up because you need to be good, yesterday. And, by the way, we’re counting on you. Let me know if you have any questions!

Questions, I have. What a relief to be met with people willing to answer them, again and again and again.

I’m in love.


6 thoughts on “Down to work

  1. Megan! It’s so great to hear how wonderful it is going with your internship in Thailand:) love your fb profile picture, you look great!

  2. It’s soo good to hear what you are doing in Thai! Sounds like quite an experience, in a big metropolis! what else can a girl ask for? Congrats!

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