Community Void

Several of my friends from IUPUI didn’t graduate with me in May, but will instead finish their studies in December. These ladies return to school today, and the thought makes me just a bit homesick. It doesn’t seem to matter that I’m happy to have this adventure, I still miss the old adventure and the easy familiarity of being with these girls. I miss the collaboration, and the individual critiques we gave each other. I miss the thrill of learning with them. I’m still learning, but it’s a solo expedition now.

My professor/boss/mentor asked me if being done with school had set in, back in May. Nope, not at all. The suggestion was made that, maybe, it would start to feel real when my old classes were in session, and I didn’t fill a seat. Turns out, he was exactly right.

I flourish in community, and I miss that so much here in Thailand. The community my roommate and I created, the community my sisters and I have, the community at school, the community of my church and old friend, and even the short-lived community I had with my running group. It comes with time and familiarity, and it’s coming. But it doesn’t fill the loneliness when I want to chat while while searching for healthy peanut butter, or get frustrated that no one seems to sell decent black tea, or just plain want to fuss over a situation without giving 5 minutes of background explaining why the situation is foreign to me.

So, my dear IUPUI ladies who I’ll miss fussing over, spilling tea on and disucssing space plans with this coming year: Soak it up. You’ve got a good thing going, even if you’re tired and don’t want to look at another building code for the rest of your life. You have someone to whine to, you know you do, and that’s worth every moment of angst.


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