Inklings of confusion

I often get the impression that I only half-understand my responsibilities at work. I tried to explain this to my mom, how no matter how simple the situation seemed – I probably missed something. Typically, this doesn’t cause major issues, but it’s a nagging annoyance.

Today gave me a clear picture of the truth in this frustration, and how much I miss. Every single day.

I was told we were going to check on the progress of a mock-up, then I would go field measure an apartment for the project I was working on. Ready. Set.

Well. You see. I’ve heard of mock-ups a few times, for a few projects, and i knew that this project had an upcoming mock-up date that my boss was worried about. And by mock-up I did mean, ROOM mock-up [one room made up exactly like the entire hotel would be laid out, to check for potential changes, etc.] like I learned back at my American university.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong again.

We were NOT going to check out the mock-up for the project I was working on, and we weren’t going to look at a mock-up for a room. Rather, we arrived at a factory, to review the design of custom-designed furniture for an entirely different project. I was just there so they didn’t have to waste gas picking me up two hours later. Quite frankly, that’s a good thing. I could stand there, staring and blinking intently and be ignored for forty-five minutes until I got my wits about me again, so as not to let on that I was utterly confused and lost.

It gets better.

A few weeks ago I sat in on a meeting about this very project, a government building we’re designing. My boss had 6 floors of systems furniture (cubicles, to the layman) already laid out and she and the client were discussing how best to supply power to each unit. I remember thinking that these were the absolute most-involved clients I had ever encountered on a commercial project, and wondering how they even knew the various possibilities for wiring a desk. The two-hour meeting passed, I was able to offer a bit of input, we made several changes and I said good-bye to the (very knowledgeable) women.

Imagine my surprise when these same women showed up at the mock-up-that-was-not-a-room-or-even-the-right-project-review. Know why?

Because these women are furniture designers and consultants working for the furniture company.

Two hour-plus meetings, and three weeks later – I know what they do. What a relief that I’m not in a fast-paced industry that thrives on accuracy.

Oh, wait….


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