Posted in September 2012

Things I never knew

  1. The lizards in Thailand, the ones that I see on the walls, floors, stuck between the windows and screens, these lizards can change color. I am now terrified of them.   2. Thailand is home to the monitor Lizard. And there’s one in the little swampy meadow behind my house. 3. Some of … Continue reading

Thai Angels

The thing you need to realize before I tell you this story, is that the situation I got myself into was not unique…I tend to stumble into uncannily foolish situations everywhere I go, and come out unscathed. Thailand hasn’t changed that.   For example, shortly before coming here my roommate and I went to the … Continue reading

Food: Loves and a Disaster

Healthy food does not have to taste THAT healthy! Oh my word. Spinach is fine. Ice is great. Spinach Icee? Not so much. Hmmm. But, it’s still so pretty. I just had to eat it. And in reality, I rarely know exactly what I’m eating (thank the Lord I don’t have any food allergies!), so … Continue reading

Questions of Definition

I’ve been thinking lately about questions that define my life, and how the questions I ask (and AM asked) give such a clear portrait of where I am, what I’m doing and my place in this world. Think about it, the questions you ask regarding an infant are quite different than those you ask an … Continue reading

And there were clouds on the floor

A few weeks ago, I was skyping with my 3 yo niece, Lucy, when we started to discuss where, exactly, I am. I told her how I had take a long plane ride, and was now on the other side of the world. This sparked a bit of interest in her, and reminded her of … Continue reading

The reality of Me – Here

I have thought of one hundred different topics to post this week. Instead I gave myself a break. Writing is good, but maybe I needed to remember to breath, too. I want to write more about what a topsy-turvy week this has been, but I’m scared to begin for fear of making each one of … Continue reading


I don’t really know what to say. Yesterday on facebook I posted a status, retelling a conversation I’d had with my pastor’s wife wherein she finally informed me I was going through culture shock. “No, I’m not! I’ve been here 9 weeks.” And now nothing seems quite as fun, I’m fed up with missed connections … Continue reading

Making it new

This past Sunday I had the unique opportunity to attend the wedding of some new friends. I’ve been asked if it was a Thai wedding, and I have to admit it was not Thai. “So your friends are Americans, too?” Actually, no, they’re Thai, but they converted to Christianity. “So it was an American wedding?” … Continue reading


Me: Pei Pong, what is the tone for “Pid Ti”? Pong: What? Me: You know, Pid Ti…it means wall, according to my dictionary app. Pong: I have never even heard of that word in my entire life. Me: [erases app from Kindle] __________________________________________________________________________________ Me: Taxi, here is the address. Taxi Driver: OOOH. Muban Seree. No. … Continue reading