Loving and Missing, all in a moment.

For some reason, today I was asked by four different people how I was acclimating to Thailand. It was enough to make me ponder my responses, and make mental lists. In an effort not to sound overly negative, I’m not including my “will-never-adjust-to” list. For now.


1. Thai food – I eat something new almost every single day.
2. Thai helpfulness – I’m usually confused, and can usually get answers.
3. So many different cultures! Everyday I hear a variety of languages on the train.
4. Knowing I won’t have any snow to worry about for another 4 months.
5. My coworkers.
6. My job.
7. Not driving.
8. My host family.
9. NewSong: A Third Culture of Misfits
10. Learning about a new way of life, constantly.
11. Practicing Patience and Gentleness, in an effort not to scare everyone.
12. The longevity of Thai culture, the history.
13. Traditional Thai architecture.
14. Experiencing life as the outsider.
15. Seeing my country from afar.
16. Living simply, with few possessions and few long-term responsibilities.
17. Exploring, constantly.
18. Getting lost, and finding my way.
19. Working on my Thai (ha!).
20. Not being in school.
21. Buying lunch for less than $2.
22. The weather.
23. Not being complacent, but constantly being challenged.


1. My sisters.
2. My roommate.
3. My friends and classmates.
4. Easy communication with the above.
5. Easily communicating in everyday life.
6. Cheese.
7. Shared history with those around me.
8. Pandora.
9. Running.
10. Ease of transportation.
11. Knowing what is going on around me.
12. Buying shoes in my size.
13. My third place[s] (Mo’Joes).
14. Unlimited Texting.
15. Baking with ease.
16. Having time to bake with ease.
17. Classroom discussions.
18. Grocery shopping and actually enjoying it.
19. Hulu.
20. My gym.
21. Sugar-free peanut butter.
22. Not traumatizing my friends if I wait 12 extra hours before bathing.
23. My nieces.
24. Telling you all of this in person.


2 thoughts on “Loving and Missing, all in a moment.

  1. I miss you! Your peanut butter is still in my fridge. As well as bits and pieces of other food you left behind- reminders of you! The love list sounds amazing! Keep it up!!

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