Me: Pei Pong, what is the tone for “Pid Ti”?

Pong: What?

Me: You know, Pid Ti…it means wall, according to my dictionary app.

Pong: I have never even heard of that word in my entire life.

Me: [erases app from Kindle]


Me: Taxi, here is the address.

Taxi Driver: OOOH. Muban Seree. No.

Taxis refuse to drive to various locations depending upon the traffic, their chances of picking up another fare and (as far as I can tell),  their mood.


Me: My lips felt fine. But I can feel the spice all the way down my stomach and RIGHT HERE!!

Coworkers: Yes. You must be careful!


Nok: Pong, here is your umbrella.

Me: I didn’t realize it was raining.

Nok: It’s not….we are Thai. We do not like the sun.

Me: oh, of course…Please don’t worry, but I’m going to go sit outside – in the sun – reading, for the next 15 minutes. My skin will be FINE.


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