Food: Loves and a Disaster

Healthy food does not have to taste THAT healthy! Oh my word. Spinach is fine. Ice is great. Spinach Icee? Not so much.

Green Smoothie: Looking so pretty and hopeful

Hmmm. But, it’s still so pretty. I just had to eat it.

Then I realized what it tasted like…

And in reality, I rarely know exactly what I’m eating (thank the Lord I don’t have any food allergies!), so it’s a game of choosing and hoping for the best. Nine times out of ten, I like the food. And then there are those moments:

What on earth have I purchased?

And then I’m really glad that food is crazy-cheap in Thailand, and I can watch a man make my favorite street-dessert for less than a dollar, or I can make Thai-veggie burritos [Not their real name] at home – and love that.

Glorious “Thai Burritos” [actual name to follow]

Making my Street Food Dessert: Banana Roti

Roti: Topped with Sweetened Condensed Milk, Sugar and Chocolate Sauce


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