Silence means…

 Processing. I’ve had a lot of surprises come up in my life here in Thailand this last week. Surprises about visas and finances and plans for the future. Everything is still in flux right now, and I’d rather not explain for the hundredth time. Not to mention I’d rather not explain WHY I made the financial/visa decisions I did 6 months ago, WHY no one verified that these were the best options, and IF something could have been done differently. Possibly, but probably not. If everything had been verified and checked by even more people, the same decisions would have been made, I just would have been less surprised by the experiences of this week.

All of this to say, I’m not explaining it – again – people. Sorry.

I don’t know what city/country/job/continent I will be in at this time next week. It’s overwhelming, and after 8 hours of  sleep last night (and a day filled with naps), I wanted nothing more than to crawl back under the covers.

That’s what caused the silence of this blog. The experiences that people don’t share – visas and finances and frustration.

I’ll be back, soon hopefully (maybe I’ll even triple-post today! Wouldn’t that be a nice turnaround?). I pray for peace at that time, and clarity. If you pray, please keep me in your prayers. I have some rough conversations coming up in the next few hours.

Hoping for understanding,


P.S. In other news….

 This is how I like to store my penny-farthing. You?

That’s normal.

My niece is almost walking. Which is awesome.

She’s so proud


4 thoughts on “Silence means…

  1. Praying for you!!!! I know you know how to hear God’s voice so keep in mind that HE knew AHEAD of TIME exactly what was going to happen when you were making those (past) decisions as best as you could. Be at peace that He is leading – all the time – in everything. Just reach out and take His hand. :o) Whatever happens, just follow His leading and “enjoy the adventure that Aslan sends you.” (Hoping you have read the entire Chronicles of Narnia series, then the quote will make more sense. LOL) Love you girl!!!! Praying for you!!!!!

  2. (sorry that was supposed to be a bright happy smiley face. Someday I will learn how to do those properly. LOL)

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