It’s a real live (probably) Monsoon

We are under a tropical storm warning. Below you will find the unedited warning of the upcoming weather conditions in this region of the world:

Warning “Tropical Cyclone “GAEMI”” No. 18 Time Issued : October 05, 2012
        At 13.00 LST, on 5 October, tropical storm “GAEMI” in the middle South China Sea was centered about 750 km east of Da Nang, Vietnam, or at latitude 14.5 °N and 115.8 °E, with maximum sustained wind about 90 km./hr. It was moving west with speed about 10 km/hr.       Strengthen, it will make landfall over central Vietnam by 6 October, then downgrade and move pass the lower Northeast, the East and the Central of Thailand. These cause torrential rain with heavy to very heavy rain in many areas and windy over the Northeast and the East for the first place following the Central and the lower North during 6-8 October. People in the risk areas should beware of the severe weather.

The stronger southwest monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea, the South and the Gulf of Thailand. More rain is likely in the South west coast of the country and the stronger wind waves are expected 2-3 meters high in the upper Gulf and the Andaman Sea. All ships should proceed with caution, and small boats keep ashore during 7-9 October.

During 5-6 October, the ridge of high pressure from China will extend to upper Thailand bringing thunderstorm in northern and upper northeastern country and then cool weather.

The advisory will be effect on 5 October 2012.

Issued at 04.30 p.m.

(Signed) Somchai Baimoung

(Mr. Somchai Baimoung)

Acting Director-General

Thai Meteorological Department

Copied from the Thai Meteoroligist Department.

Looks like it’s gonna rain.


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