From Moo Dang


Life is good

Oh, wait. You don’t get that, do you? Let me see if I can remember that other word people use…


I’m Moo Dang. I’m 7 1/2 months old, and I live a simple life. My favorite things:

1. MommyDaddyGrandpaGrandma.

2. Smiling and Laughing.

3. Being held by the people I love (New people need to stand back for a while, okay?)

4. Spinning myself in circles while someone holds me.

5. Drinking my milk.

6. Trying to eat your food.

7. Anything with a pattern on it.

8. Anything that crinkles.

9. Anything that you have.

10. Moving in general.

Unfortunately, my living situation is a little complicated. I live with Mommy, Grandpa and Grandma. Oh, yeah – and this new person, who’s really white and has funny hair. My dad lives in a box, most of the time. But we talk to the box every morning, and sometimes at night too. Sometimes when I wake up, he’s in bed with Mommy and me, though. I guess he finds a way to get out of that box mommy carries around with her. I know it’s really him when he shows up in the middle of the night, because he always makes a special sound. No one else makes that sound, so I know it’s him.

Mommy told me one days he’ll be with us every day. No more boxes. I figure that will be good, because mommy seems pretty relaxed when he’s around.

When daddy’s not around and Mommy has to do stuff on that other box she has, I go hang out with Grandpa in his special cold room. People say it’s hard not to live with your dad, but maybe they don’t have fun Grandpas like me. Why would it be hard if you get to spend time with someone else who’s always happy to see you? They must mean for Mommy. As far as I can see, Grandma calls me perfect, Mom gives me hugs, Grandpa plays with me, this new person shows up most mornings and kisses me, then Daddy makes his special bird noises in the box. Why is this hard?

Oh, the new person (btw, she doesn’t talk right), told me my name is unique and I need to do something about it….or maybe explain it? I don’t know. She was wearing a striped skirt and necklace so it was hard to focus.

So – my name is really Chimboon. That’s “Newspaper” in Japanese. Since I’m Thai-Chinese, I have another name: Moo Dang, which means “Red Pig”. My grandma’s name is Dang (Red) and Mom’s name is Mod Dang (Red Ant). Clearly, I fit right in.

Well, my mouth feels funny and I need to go find something crackly to play with before anyone tries to give me a nap.


p.s. Here’re some pictures so you know why Grandma thinks I’m so great

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