Slipping and Slacking

Oops. I’ve been pretty good at barely posting here lately.

I’d say I was busy, but that’s not entirely true.

In a valiant effort to blog way more than I ever have in my life, I’m participating in NaBloPoMo [National Blog Posting Month].

I’ll be posting everyday in November. I make absolutely zero promises that the content will be inspiring. I may very well talk about food, a LOT. Still – Blog I Shall.

In the meantime 3 things of note:

1. Rainy Season is Practically OVER!!

So there’s very little of this:

My Eastern Venice

2. With the departure of Rainy Season, my feet look like this:


 I look down and think, “My feet are having a party.” Lots of smiles.

3. This little bundle arrived in the arms of a 17 yo friend of mine yesterday:


Please say Welcome to Salome 🙂


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