I used to make lists constantly. Always. Everywhere. If I know you in person, I am sure you were once part of a list. My compartmentalization that wasn’t allowed to be confused with another compartment. Deal? This is how I handled everything. everything. No blurring. It didn’t work. Life is too messy and I ran out of steam. Maybe I relaxed a little bit.

Now I make lists so I don’t dwell. So people see the end is coming and can go ahead and remind themselves that I do have a plan (hahahaha.).

All this to say, this list doesn’t result in any coherent thought. Just a lot of bits that have been bumping around in my head for quite some time.

1. I’m horrible at having a clue about pop music. Really. I didn’t know who Adele was until she came out with her second album. Now that I’m in Thailand and Pandora isn’t available here, I listen to BBC Radio 1…which is aimed at teens. Would you like to know the history of the British boyband One Direction? Because I know it all. Would you like to hear the lyrics to Rihanna’s song, “Like a Diamond”? Because I’ve memorized them [not that that took an ounce of effort…did you know she says “Like a Diamond” exactly 36 times in that song?].

2. I made the mistake of not looking into absentee voting until about 2 weeks ago. I never pay attention to the election anyway, what did it matter. Wrong. I now listen to the news every single day, and care – a lot. I still think politics are ridiculous and wish I could go back to not caring, but I still regret not voting.

3. Confession: I do not love Bangkok. I really don’t. I love London. Belfast. New Orleans. Charleston, SC and even Indianapolis. Bangkok – I endure. As I often say, “It’s a lot. It’s Intense. Depends on the Day, hour, moment, most-recent surprise” I am relearning to *like* this city, though, and hope that one day I will love it. Or at least not worry before encouraging others to visit.

4. The fact that I eat Thai food everyday, and American food maybe once a week is an anomoly to both Thais and Americans alike. Typically, Americans eat Western food or at least not Thai food. Words cannot express how ludicrous this situation is to me. Thai food is a fifth, or at worst a third, the cost of American food, and easy to obtain. American pride? I don’t know.

5. The 8 month-old baby I live with knows how to Wai. As in you say, “Sa-wai-de-ka” and she clasps her hands together underneath her chin. I nearly die from the cute every single time.

6. For good measure: Matcha Green Tea looks SOOOOO pretty next to my Kindle Fire in the pretty green case. No?

Green Tea and a Kindle Date

I am participating in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), posting everyday for the month of November.

Below I will post links to other participating bloggers. If you’d like a link, please leave a comment. Thanks!

[All listed links + descriptions are at my discretion, they are not affiliate links, I am not being monetarily (or otherwise) rewarded for the blogs I suggest]

1. Grumbles and Grunts : Somebody’s Crunchy Mother, and a former Hoosier


2 thoughts on “Randoms

  1. I hear you about Bangkok! It’s absolutely mental! If you think that’s mad you should check out Mumbai. INSANE!!! I saw you’ve entered into a National Blog Posting Month. Is it a competition?

    • Mumbai is most definitely on my must-visit list. NaBloPoMo isn’t a competition, more like a spin-off of writers doing the National Novel Writing Month in November. You can sign up and be official here http://www.blogher.com/blogher-topics/blogging-social-media/nablopomo

      I’m not doing that, at least not planning to. While I am sure you can find some competitions, it’s basically just a bunch of people committing to writing every single day of the month and see what it does for the creative process (or losing their sanity, possibly).

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