Expatriotic Halloween

In high school I remember fighting the fact that no matter where I went my problems were going to follow me. I would stay the same. The people I allowed to hurt me would change faces, but very likely the hurts would stay the same. The moral of the story was how was I going to deal? Because deal I must.

When I think about travel and being sick of one environment (cornfields, anyone?), I remember this saying and that moving isn’t going to change as much as I expect. Ummm. Kind of. However for my part, it isn’t the negative things that don’t change for me, but the positives.

Back in Indianapolis one of my favorite couples is a Mexican-French pair I met while working as a barista. I like them for them [because hands-down they have been some of the best friends I had in Indy] but I like them for what we experienced together: Cross-culture. Many times they hosted parties and I was the only American, or at least in the minority. Something magical and exciting happened inside of me on those evenings of 8 languages and 10 accents in one room.

Halloween 2012: Bangkok Expat Style

My Bangkok love is the same. Last night I went to a Halloween party, hosted by a Thai-Dutch couple. In the room were 7 different nationalities, and even more languages. The common language was English, but occasionally there were conversations in other languages. We had four different generations present and the only common thread I found was a love of life and a zest for adventure. No one discussed the funkiness of the Australian grandmother dancing alongside the zombie Canadian teen to Black-eyed Peas.

Thing 2, Little Red Riding Hood + Zombie-meets-Lady-Gaga

Because I am the 3rd culture here I am more prone to falling into such situations. Still, remembering the MexicanFrench-Japanese-Italian-American pumpkin carving party, I am a little less anxious to go home. I’ll just have to work a nudge harder to be the 3rd culture, but it’s totally doable.

Dare ya.

Little Red Riding Hood and Celebrity-Wannabe

I am participating in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), posting everyday for the month of November.

Below I will post links to other participating bloggers. If you’d like a link, please leave a comment. Thanks!

[All listed links + descriptions are at my discretion, they are not affiliate links, I am not being compensated in any way for the blogs I suggest]

1. Grumbles and Grunts : Somebody’s Crunchy Mother, and a former Hoosier

2. Expatria Baby: Another Expat! Living in Indonesia and blogging about her life, her family and dreams.

3. Sherbet and Sparkles: Another young, single Expat! Living in Germany, after being in Japan.


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