Four months to the day: Stop the daydreams

Today marks four months exactly since I landed at Suvarnibhumi Airport, Bangkok to begin my life abroad.

Appropriately, I ended up back at the airport for a short bit today, on my way to meet a friend passing through Bangkok and staying nearby. Over dinner we talked a lot about my life here, what I have done, struggles of living abroad, the excitement and exhaustion. I shared about my church and work, caught him up on family gossip and plans for the future.

Around 9 pm I headed out, noticed the date and caught the Airport Link commuter train, heading home. As I rode, my mind wandered over my many experiences abroad. I remembered my various mishaps, mulled over the  friends I have made and thought about my how my worldview has changed. I pondered how much I talked about my family tonight, and what one gives up while going abroad. I planned a tricky conversation with my boss tomorrow.  I thought about how natural and second-nature taking public transport has become. Life is good, things are making more and more sense each day I am here and in my wildest dreams I would not have imagined my personal growth.

The train ride was quiet and perfect for a moment of introspection and self-congratulations.

And then I arrived at my destination: Suvarnibhumi Airport: Train will terminate at this station. All passengers must disembark.

Wrong train. Wrong direction. Wrong destination.

Wrong time to daydream


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