Late, so very, very late!

I had a post all set to go, and then realized I have to wait to share some exciting news. So. In the meantime…

This is Durian:

photo credit:

A fruit with such a strong smell I’ve never eaten it (aside from in a cookie), I can’t get within three feet of it without making a face, and it is banned from many restaurants, public transport and taxis.


3 thoughts on “Late, so very, very late!

  1. So, here’s something weird, after 7 years in Asia, I’m kind of getting used to the durian smell, so much that i barely notice it in the grocery store. I guess it’s about time that I take the plunge and actually try some, right??

  2. I’m glad to know I am not the only one wimping out. Last time I got near some pastries w/ durian and considered eating them, I looked so miserable my coworker told to please not bother. Hana!

    Erica – let me know how it goes. If it takes 7 yrs, I just don’t think I want to try 😉

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