High Hopes and Great Expectations

For the second time this week, I typed up a long-winded post only to decide I needed to wait to share it. EEEK. The silver lining is that while you may be faced with half-a-dozen wimpy posts this week, shortly you’ll be overwhelmed with EXCITING. SCINTILLATING. BRILLIANT. POSTS! At least I like to think so.

Saturday I’m going here:

Ratchaburi Floating Market

I have high hopes. And great expectations of writing a post with half an ounce of content within the week. High Hopes and Great Expectations. Please come back.
I am participating in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), posting everyday for the month of November.

Below I will post links to other participating bloggers. If you’d like a link, please leave a comment. Thanks!

[All listed links + descriptions are at my discretion, they are not affiliate links, I am not being compensated in any way for the blogs I suggest]

1. Grumbles and Grunts : Somebody’s Crunchy Mother, and a former Hoosier

2. Expatria Baby: Another Expat! Living in Indonesia and blogging about her life, her family and dreams.

3. Sherbet and Sparkles: Another young, single Expat! Living in Germany, after being in Japan.


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