Today a series of surprises at work led to me catching the train home at 9:40 pm instead of 5:40 pm. Granted. We all have long days. Still such a late and long day and then realizing I had missed the last bus and would have to take a taxi or a motorbike home made me even more annoyed.

The unfortunate motorbike driver had a friend with him to negotiate the price. The friend fancied himself a smart one. And tried to charge me twice the typical rate. Absolutely not, I said.

So he brought it down by a third, still 30% too high. Usually I just have to mention the actual price, and they artless down. Not so today.

Today he insisted. I refused. So he grinned as he tapped his skinny friend on the knee and then gestured at me and said, “But, its a little bike. And you weigh [my weight plus 45 lbs]. You pay this much.”

I glared. I said NO (in Thai) and I walked away wondering if I could have actually kicked him between the legs or if someone would have called the police. So I walked to the next motorbike stop. 35 minutes away. And they laughed and now my flip-flop shod feet are aching and I hope it was worth it.

What do you say? Would you have taken the ride?


One thought on “Hmmmph

  1. Situation like that, yes you were right to walk away if for no other reason than principle. But 35 minutes for another ride? Bangkok usually has no shortage of regular metered taxis.

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