Why Thailand? – Pt 1

I met several new Interior Designers today, people who have been in the field since before I graduated from high school and know a bit more than me.

Again and again, they asked me, “But, why did you come here?”

For posterity’s sake, I’m going to share the story.

I didn’t choose Thailand. Not really. Nor did Thailand choose me (I’m not that cheesy!).

The facts of the matter are these:

1. I like traveling.

2. I get bored in Indiana.

3. There aren’t many jobs in America.

When I came to Thailand last summer on a trip with my university, I knew I could manage living here and might pursue an internship I’d heard about in the North-East (Isaan) region. There weren’t any promising leads during my last year of college, and I fear boredom.
I went ahead and applied to the internship, thinking it wouldn’t hurt to cover my bases, at least.

Then, as I was turned down in the first wave of applicants in January, I met my Thai friend’s PhD adviser who lives in Bangkok and knows the Interior Design community. Over dinner I learned that the internship I had applied for was actually a research internship, not a practical internship. That changed my mind, about the opportunity, and I started worrying – in the middle of my Tam Yum soup – if I had wasted my efforts.

To my surprise, my new acquaintance said he’d see what he could do to help me. His colleague even offered to oversee my research, although her field is Environmental Science. This way I would have an extra sponsor for my application and could design my research proposal in such a way to qualify me for the internship, get me to Thailand and do something I’m passionate about.

I did just that, spending the next two weeks coming up with a research topic, writing my proposal, submitting it and then being accepted. Right around the time that I was accepted, my friend’s adviser wrote me and said his good friend, the owner of a Bangkok-based Architecture firm would consider taking me on in is Interiors Department. Submit your application to this email.

I’d only met Dr. N ONE TIME! Over Dinner! Yes, I was good friends with his advisee, but he got me an open door for a JOB IN BANGKOK!?!

Hello amazing. I think we’ll get along just fine.



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