Why Thailand? Pt 2

After submitting my portfolio, cover letter, statement of purpose and a series of emails back and forth – I officially had an Internship waiting for me to accept. In Bangkok.

That was that. Ish. I did spend the next month and a half explaining/defending the situation to my parents, weighing the financial implications (making it – with no wiggle room), and making a half-hearted effort at applying to jobs in the USA. All of this while finishing up my senior year at IUPUI, working three part-time jobs and an internship, training for a half-marathon, raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society, being involved on campus, crashing my car, my grandfather dying and countless trips to the doctor for a horrific case of bronchitis. I survived. Barely.

Finally, mid-April, I accepted the position in Bangkok. Horray! Before accepting, I tried to make the position in the NorthEast work, but it just didn’t suit my current interests. While I didn’t put much effort into finding a job in the States, the current unemployment rate of my classmates tells me my chances were pretty slim.

Why did I accept? Because I could not find a single, solid reason to stay in the States. My family accepts that I will travel and miss many holidays. I’m twenty-six and single without a single dependent or large financial commitment. I didn’t have a job after May, 2012. My church community no longer felt like home and I was disconnected from that circle. Asia is overwhelmed with new construction. Interior Design in the USA is almost entirely renovation. Asia has such a high population density, the construction industry is more prone to sustainability than the USA (in theory, anyway). On it went. In the end it was a simple matter of nothing stopping me.

Besides, in Thailand I had Mod Dang and her offer of a home to stay in, a family to help me navigate Thai Life and a friend.

So I came. Why Thailand? Thailand had an open door. Nowhere else in the world was I offered a friendly, familiar face AND a job. One or the other, but I chose both.


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