Life as a Train Wreck

In my small community of friends I get together with mid-week for dinner and sharing, most of them live together. I’ve told you about it before, but a lot has happened in the last two weeks.

So, Si lives with her daughter and Linda* and her son. They also have Ben, and Man who is married to Mia. Bang is a recovering, bi-polar drug addict who they found on the streets, pregnant. Then there is the NewMom (from my earlier post). Additionally, there are two Laotion refugees in this house.

Things seemed to be going okay, everyone was ready for the babies, people were going back to school and everyone that needed a job had a job.

Then NewMom and her angel-baby came home, and we realized she needed some serious parental training. She came to live with my friends, Pat and Peter.

Peter has a benign brain tumor behind his left ear, and they are planning to spend most of December in Germany to have it removed and allow for a recovery.

Last week Yak, one of the refugees, got a call that his brother Leem, was dying and he needed to hurry to say good-bye. Leem had tried to commit suicide while everyone else was eating dinner and cooing over the new baby at Pat and Peter’s house. The acid he swallowed didn’t kill him because the pain he experienced woke him up to the fact that he didn’t, actually, want to die.

So Thursday night Si, Peter and Leem taxied around Bangkok looking for a hospital that would accept a Laotion refugee, who may not pay his bills and would otherwise die. Fortunately, they found one and his life was saved.

Friday, Bang went to the doctor and found out she had no amniotic fluid and they needed to induce labor or have a c-section immediately. She refused, I can only assume from a mixture of fear, instability and ignorance.

Friday and Saturday, Pat’s ankle and knee started hurting her. She has a fallen arch, but suddenly her knee hurt almost too much to walk. They live in a five-story townhouse.

Saturday, Leem was still alive with total brain function. However, he cannot talk, walk, use the bathroom, eat or even produce saliva. He can write, and blink, he experiences tremendous pain, but his life is reduced to a bed unless there is a miracle.

Bang finally gave birth to a little boy on Saturday, after Si was able to convince her that a c-section was the only safe option and waiting was endangering the life of the baby. He has to stay in the hospital for ten days while they run tests on him, I don’t know what might be wrong with him.

Monday, new Baby and Pat went to the hospital for check-ups. Over the weekend, the sweet baby had been more and more responsive and was even gaining weight. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for the doctors and they wanted to keep her in the hospital to monitor her jaundice. Yes, a baby was hospitalized in Thailand (a land of more sun than it knows what to do with) because she needed more sunlight.

Pat learned that they need to operate on her foot to fix the issue, and on Friday they would do an MRI to find out what is causing the pain in her knee. Perhaps a bloodclot.

Wednesday, Pat was able to convince the doctor that NewMom would be better off with her baby at home, with friends helping her be a better mom and taking the baby on walks outside.

As of today, Baby and NewMom are “home” with Pat and Peter, but NewMom is experiencing some extra pain and going to the doctor today. Peter is planning to go to Germany in about two weeks. Bang is missing her son, but is home now and visiting him in the hospital. Leem is responsive, but there is no hope for a recovery. Pat is having an MRI done to see what the problem is, and hopefully finding a solution today.

Even with all of this, we got together like always on Thursday and ate. We laughed over the fact that Peter forgot to translate for the Americans, and spoke for 5 straight minutes in Thai. We ooohed and aaahhhed over the sweet BabyGirl. Uwadee invited me to her wedding, Jimmy is excited his newest business venture will be underway soon. Man has been helping keep everything in order at home while Si spends her days at the hospitals. We prayed for healing and a miracle regarding the hospital expenses.

We did life together. Even though it feels like a train wreck this week.

*Names changed to protect their privacy


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