Bangkok Irony

Let’s talk irony.

– I lived with a fashion designer for 2 years in America. Her specialty is using recycled clothing to make new clothing. In Bangkok I am using old tanktops to sew NewBaby some decent clothes.

– In Indianapolis, being able to speak conversational Spanish was an exciting surprise to my friends. In Bangkok when my boss found out and was excited, my other boss said, “She’s American. They all speak Spanish.”

– I used to choke down mild salsa. I live in Bangkok.

– My parents don’t keep alcohol in the house, and I was actually 21 before I drank a full alcoholic beverage. If I am walking NewBaby after 7 pm, you better believe Pat has supplied me with a full glass of wine for my other hand.

– During college, I would sometimes wait three months before making the one hour trek to my parents house. It was just SO long. My nearest friend in Bangkok lives 45 minutes from me. Most days of the week I travel over 3 hours.

– I used to be known for how well I tanned. I am now the second-whitest person in this city.

– In America, I avoided living alone at all costs. After four months in one of the loudest cities on the planet [according to me and my Naptown perspective], living alone sounds like a sweet gift.


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