Please add your own list in the comments.

I am thankful….

For a cool bed and cleaning drinking water.

For a family that puts up with my constantly changing dreams.

For friends that love, and ask questions later.

For air con.

For tea.

For people who love the abandoned ones without asking why they were abandoned.

For kind coworkers.

For the freedom to live in Thailand, with no fear.

For 30 cent ice creams.

For books on my kindle.

For people who don’t push their own agenda, even when given the option.

For adoption.

For the ability to learn a new language.

For laughter in the midst of tragedy.

For kindness that does not need a common language.

For Muslims who are not violent.

For Christians and Jews who keep peace.

For sunshine.

For Skype.

For the concept of a family, that doesn’t need any biological bonds.

For a family that loves you BECAUSE of your biology, not because you are lovely.

For hope.

For cleaning drinking water and smiles.



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