Photo Review

Most of the Crowd


The Canadians: Hosting American Thanksgiving

Helping the carving…and ensuring no one gets food poisoning



Please note that I am glistening, over Thanksgiving dinner. Amazingly-wonderful. Yes



Daily Commute


Sights and colors

Fish cut open, for sale, on the street. What?


I love this. I really do.



My favorite Waffle-girl, at BTS National Stadium


My favorite Juice Girls. I seem to patronize a lot of child labor…


My boss turned 43, and invited me to the festivities!


Asians and the Peace Sign!

The founder of my firm, explaining how to Think like a Thai, so I can Speak like a Thai

It got quite warm, and I was sunburned already. So of course someone whipped out a fan!

My boss with his beautiful wife

A difference between Thai culture and American? In Thailand, the profs invite their students to their parties. AND serve alcohol.

My boss’s former students. They’re my age, but you wouldn’t know it!










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