Sundry Details

As I have already broken the news, so to speak, regarding my change of plans, I suppose it is only right that I end my NaBloPoMo experience with an explanation of this decision.

A long time ago, probably as a sophomore in high school, I would travel any chance I was given. I never had a strong interest in getting married at 20 or having children by the time I was 25 as some of my sisters and several of my high school friends. It’s not to say those are not viable options, for others, they just were never attractive options for me. Thus. Taking my sweet time to finish college – living abroad in the middle – was within reason for my plans. I got to travel and that was the goal, anyway. When it became financially clear that I was not going to study overseas or even out-of-state, I decided the least I could do was move as soon as graduation allowed. Voila ! Enter the previous explanations.

I came. I liked it. I struggled. I questioned and I hated it. Then I found an almost-recognizable rhythm and decided I liked it again. My bosses suggested I stay on longer, perhaps another year. This seemed like an excellent option! I said yes, please give me details.
Ahem. Details were not very forthcoming. It took over a month for us to find a time to talk together. This was mostly caused by various travel commitments on their part, and well – it’s Thailand. Hurrying doesn’t happen here.

Unfortunately, after waiting that long, when we did discuss the offer, it wasn’t very conducive to me staying. The experience I need to be a viable employee in the USA in a few years probably couldn’t be achieved at my current firm. I like many things about this office, but I knew if I stayed I would regret it in 5 years’ time. Cue frustration and panic.

HOWEVER! My boss had a connection at another office who had told her they were interested in hiring me when I finished my time with her. The worrisome bit was that they were having trouble connecting with one another, so she didn’t know what kind of position they could offer me. This all took place on a Friday.

Monday I still didn’t know anything and started filling out applications for jobs in the USA.

Then, at 2 pm on Monday afternoon my boss called from outside the office to tell me I had an interview at this other firm, at 10 am the next morning. Really?! I had barely touched my portfolio in 8 months. I knew nothing about this company and I had no idea where to print anything.

Also. It is inappropriate to question the plans or ideas of authority in Thailand. Or panic at what they have done to you.

To be continued …


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