Posted in December 2012

Life elsewhere

This post has nothing to do with Thailand. If you read my blog mostly for interest in living abroad, or Thailand, or culture, I’m sorry – but this post diverts from the usual chatter. Please come back later, I’ll keep writing. A few days ago, I learned that my brother-in-law lost a friend. In honor … Continue reading

Loi Kratong

A few weeks ago was the Thai Loi Kratong festival. This can also be called the “Festival of Lights”, “Loy Krathong”, or “Roy Krat(h)ong”. English spelling is not a strong point in Thailand. My co-workers asked me all week what I planned to do for the festival. I responded, “I don’t know. Where should I … Continue reading


I spent my afternoon and evening tagging along with a friend as she visited a safehouse for 30 asylum seekers (people who have left their country due to religious persecution and are seeking refugee status with the UN). I left gasping for words, barely able to formulate a sentence to my friend. Many of these … Continue reading

My time, your time

I spent eight months in South America. Six of those months, I was the English-speaking minority amongst my circle. Learning another language is hard. Here, I have to remember that after 3 months in Chile, I was convinced the language breakthrough was a myth and I would never communicate clearly. The breakthrough came at about … Continue reading

It isn’t Christmas

Next week is Christmas. In my mind that’s not true. All the signs say otherwise, but I am creating my own reality. I have twelve days off work, both Christmas and New Years off. That’s because I am starting a new job, the dates just lined up this way. I am going to Chiang Mai. … Continue reading

Changes (just write)

Today, I am just writing. I check my phone to see if Jane* has confirmed our evening plans. We are supposed to spend the evening just relaxing, eating dinner, maybe watching a movie and planning where we want to find an apartment. There aren’t many days where one or the other of us isn’t either … Continue reading

Refinding Beauty

The other day I went to dinner at Si’s house. My friend Raquel and I were the only Farangs present. Si and her daughter were the only others who spoke English. We sat on the floor and enjoyed our rice and curry, with clementines for dessert. We held the babies and assured the mothers that … Continue reading

Seeing Beauty

Since deciding to stay I have had to face the fact that I wasn’t even sure I liked Thai culture. Not really. All of my favorite people and experiences are counter-cultural. Thai culture is so full of saving face and possible shame, taxi drivers will lie about knowing the area, rather than admit they don’t … Continue reading


Since my younger sister has banned the announcement from Facebook, but said I can tell people in other ways, consider this my Other Way: Congratulations, Lillian and Pete Carey! You’re going to make wonderful parents.

Thai Sounds

Interchangeable sounds in the Thai Language R may equal L K can also be G B and P are interchangeable O and U sometimes switch seats If I am not careful with my tones, I call my lovely English-speaking co-worker “Meaty Man” and no one knows to whom I am referring.