Mischievous Mishaps of Meggie

M3 Part 3

We had a bag of pistachios on the table in my department, open and ready to be shared. One of the architects discovered this and spent the afternoon returning every half hour for another handful. Jokingly, I asked if he was addicted.

“A…addicted? What means this…?”

I tried explaining it, but quickly resorted to using Google translate. For Thai, Google does a poor job of translating phrases, but usually comes through on single words.

“See,” I said turning the screen toward P’Tip. “You like the nuts a lot, I think you are…this,” and I pointed to the word on the screen, spelled in Thai letters.

Happily, P’Tip walked over and studied the screen. Then he turned to me with a shocked look and asked, “You think I am DRUNK?!”

“No, no, no….you just like the pistachio nuts.”

“This word is for alcohol. You think I am drunk?”

Oh, help.

I backpedaled and explained and asked my other co-workers for help. The word I needed was simple, “Tid.”

P’Tip stopped eating pistachios for the day at that point. I stopped using Google Translate and found a Thai tutor.


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