Changes (just write)

Today, I am just writing.

I check my phone to see if Jane* has confirmed our evening plans. We are supposed to spend the evening just relaxing, eating dinner, maybe watching a movie and planning where we want to find an apartment. There aren’t many days where one or the other of us isn’t either bogged down in work or caught up trying to save someone’s dignity, or life. I casually think about how this might be an evening where we actually act like carefree twenty-somethings we call our peers.

Except, I did complicate matters slightly. I suggested we visit our teenage friends for the evening, maybe bake with them since their parents are away. Their family situation is complicated. A few hours, I think, we will still have fun. Being with these girls isn’t a chore, and while their family problems are heavy we often talk about the latest boyband song and the upcoming school dance.

I open my messages. Jane apologizes, stating that the refugee family she helps is in danger. She doesn’t know what will happen, where they will stay. Can we postpone dinner for a few hours?

Of course.

So much for simple lives.

I turn back to my photoshop plans and continue editing the shadows and colors, creating an image to represent distant peacefulness. I am glad I know what to do for this project, that today I am not asking many questions, but working steadily away.

I thought I came to Thailand to learn about Design, to grow and improve and even change the direction of my career. I think that is happening, but while I am unaware. Most of the eye-opening has occurred while I meet refugees, prostitutes, single moms, a brain tumor patient. When I stumble into an unlikely wedding and find myself helping all day. Don’t these things happen in America? Yes.

I came to Thailand for a job in Interior Design. And my breath was take away by everything else, every pain that happens in every country but I ignored in my American establishment and comfort.

*Name changed to protect those she knows


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