It isn’t Christmas

Next week is Christmas. In my mind that’s not true. All the signs say otherwise, but I am creating my own reality.

I have twelve days off work, both Christmas and New Years off.
That’s because I am starting a new job, the dates just lined up this way.

I am going to Chiang Mai.
You might as well travel when you aren’t working.

I was asked to make Christmas cookies.
I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

My family gave me gifts, depositing $ into my account.
I pretend they are just very kind, no occasion.

BBC RADIO keeps playing Christmas music. Who does Christmas music when it’s 91 degrees outside?!

I am not decorating. I am not buying presents. There are no parties to attend. I will not be here for the candlelight service at church.

I am pretending Christmas won’t happen this year, and that I can handle better than not enjoying Christmas with family.


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