Posted in January 2013


I did start my new job 3 weeks ago, no longer am I an Intern. Now I am an Assistant Interior Designer, i.e. not a Junior Interior Designer, mind you. I got a special email to clarify that, after agreeing to the salary, hours and responsibilities. Titles matter so much here. So far, so good. … Continue reading

Seang Taow {just write}

Another exercise in Just Writing. Riding the Seang Taow is so natural now. I wonder at the fact that I stumbled through my first ride, getting off sooner than necessary, asking the price, dripping sweat on my first day to work. I climbed on this morning, bypassing the normal mototaxi ride, happy to save 30 … Continue reading

What’s next?

I am not entirely sure where to go with this blog now. Ideas? They are welcome, although I don’t promise to follow them. I am no longer just a visitor, I guess I haven’t been for several months. But writing consistently-ish for 5 months was much easier for me to mentally handle than this unknown. … Continue reading

Forgotten Skin

We all categorize. It simplifies and brings sense to our lives. But when we realize how we categorize, and the slots we fit people into as opposed to the slots they fit us into, the conversation is enlightening. My friend is Thai, but was raised in the NYC. Now he lives in Thailand, but feels … Continue reading

Border Crossing (crazy) Hope

Parts 1, 2 and 3 of my adventures with Immigration can be found Here, Here  and also There. I meet the best people at Immigration. I really do. From my trip to Laos I am still in contact with a few people and wouldn’t mind visiting someday. Poipet, Cambodia was no different. I stood in … Continue reading

Home (just write)

NOTE: I wrote this for the Tuesday Just Write blog, but didn’t post it in Time. Aside from typo fixing, I Just Wrote this, a few pauses, no edits…. I have to find an apartment. And on my own. Not the finding, the living. Lease details and contract dates didn’t match up with the girl … Continue reading

Border Crossing Insanity

Other Visa Experiences are explained Here, and finished up here, with the rest of this trip Here and There. So I got to the Border. My motorcycle driver literally dumped me on the corner of an unpaved road and waved vaguely at some low concrete buildings surrounded by backpackers. He said that’s where I should … Continue reading

Border Crossing Madness

Other posts on Visa Madness were posted in October, Just recently, as well as Here and There. Last weekend was nearing the date when my visa would expire, so I needed to get a Re-Entry stamp. This means I have to cross a border, get a departure stamp in my passport, and then re-enter, effectively … Continue reading

Border Crossing Chaos

You can find more on my Visa Experiences Here, Here, something else and finally there. Last Saturday I did another visa run. Immigration raises my blood pressure very quickly forreasons such as the stir below. When I went to Laos, I had some issues with the immigration officers. This is an excerpt from one of … Continue reading