Home (just write)

NOTE: I wrote this for the Tuesday Just Write blog, but didn’t post it in Time. Aside from typo fixing, I Just Wrote this, a few pauses, no edits….

I have to find an apartment. And on my own. Not the finding, the living. Lease details and contract dates didn’t match up with the girl I had planned to live with, so we are each going it alone.

I hate this. I hate that I will always come home to silence. I hate that very few Thai apartments have a kitchen. And many in my price range don’t have hot water.

I love this. I love that I am doing something I once swore I would never do: Live Alone. I love that I have coworkers who have jumped in to help me when I told them I am in the market for an apartment. I love that if I live across the street from work, I will pay less than 200$ for rent and utilities.

I love that I am able to do this. I hate that I must do this.

It’s all a bit much and my head is spinning.


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