What’s next?

I am not entirely sure where to go with this blog now. Ideas? They are welcome, although I don’t promise to follow them.

I am no longer just a visitor, I guess I haven’t been for several months. But writing consistently-ish for 5 months was much easier for me to mentally handle than this unknown. I was blogging g about this 5month adventure. That was what I had to do. When I came “home” in December, I would stop blogging, or find a different focus. Now that I am really, truly living abroad -with taxes and rent!- for an unknown period of time, I feel like I should do something more substantial with MeganRoseAbroad. Something. something.


My job? Food. Where I will be living. The various charity organizations I have almost gotten involved in, but then it fell through. The countries I want to visit? The wonderful weather. Festivals? Teaching English (maybe). Thai language. Overtime? Financial disparity – everywhere. The highlights of Bangkok? Interior Design. Immigration chaos. My family? Studying abroad. What I miss? Art. Baking. Laughter and tears. The prevalency of iphones and ipads in Bangkok. Other travel blogs? Photography.


Sometimes. Sometimes I am convinced that this blog is less for sharing, and more for processing. That list is maybe less for you to respond to and more for me to use for inspiration.

When the processes are less about the amazing newness, and more of the mundane, I wonder if sharing is still safe. Worthwhile?

I’d like responses. Please. Where does a blog go from here?


One thought on “What’s next?

  1. I like all of the topics mentioned above! I think variety is a good thing. You still have the overarching ‘theme’ of writing from the perspective of being in a foreign land (although it is becoming- hopefully?- less foreign every day). Your writing is real and honest. It is a treat to read about a whole plethora of Thai living.
    It seems as if you have been gone forever! I’m sorry I haven’t been more proactive about a Skype date. I’m finding I am terrible in keeping up long distance relationships. It’s like I know it won’t be the same like it would be if you were here, so it makes me sad to try. But I am being selfish. It is a wonderful thing you are able to do what you love! Anyway, that is my two cents 🙂 love you!

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