Seang Taow {just write}

Another exercise in Just Writing.

Riding the Seang Taow is so natural now. I wonder at the fact that I stumbled through my first ride, getting off sooner than necessary, asking the price, dripping sweat on my first day to work.

I climbed on this morning, bypassing the normal mototaxi ride, happy to save 30 cents and not smell (so strongly) of exhaust. But in getting there early, I missed making my cup of tea. It’s ironic, because in saving my 30 cents, I ended up buying a coffee on the way – $1.30 I wouldn’t have spent otherwise. I pay for everything in cash here. It’s so funny, because I know EXACTLY what i’m spending, as I spend it. But still I think I can overspend. there is no perfect solution, is there?


The caffeine-less ride this morning backfired in other ways, too. I stayed up too late last night, of course, and couldn’t even stay awake on that extraordinarily loud and uncomfortable ride. I’m riding on a bench in the back of a pick-up truck. Who sleeps there? I do, that’s who.

I take the entire route, from the u-turn all the way to the last major stop, where all the driver has left is a u-turn. No one rings the bell, it’s the last stop, the one place we’re assured the driver WILL stop, because he wants everybody off. No one rings the bell. I dozed off, and woke to the bell going off. Did they do it on purpose? Because I’d actually sunk into a full-blown REM sleep? I wonder. I like to think someone did. Too scared to wake the random farang girl, they rang the bell as a courtesy.

I made it to work on time.




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