I did start my new job 3 weeks ago, no longer am I an Intern. Now I am an Assistant Interior Designer, i.e. not a Junior Interior Designer, mind you. I got a special email to clarify that, after agreeing to the salary, hours and responsibilities. Titles matter so much here.

So far, so good. I’m still nervous to give many details for fear of being Dooced. Then again, it’s Thailand. People ask me about my political leanings on a weekly basis. Rude. Or not?

Being an actual employee, even on a probabtionary basis, is buckets of different from being an intern.

“Can you do this?”

“Yes…I think so. I will have a lot of questions about standards, though.”

“Okay. The deadline is tomorrow.”

Before the response was more like, “Well, maybe I will do it and you can do something else.” The office was a lot smaller (2 designers, me and another intern). There wasn’t much time to teach.

I work until 6, officially. But no one leaves before 6:30 most days, and even then I might be the first to leave. This means if I go straight home, I still wont be there until after 8 pm. I’m so ready to move. Especially since I logged my first overtime hours this past week. Arrived home at 10:15 pm, woke up at 6:30 am. Happy Day. Have I told you I hate mornings?

I miss some of my friends from my old job, but I really enjoy getting to know my new coworkers. Since there are a lot more English-speakers, and my boss is present to explain my responsibilities [side note: Did I tell you that the woman who hired me and is fluent in English, ran the department but was only in the office about 20 hours a week? Imagine the confusion that constantly occurred :-/], there’s a lot more chatter – both job-related and just friendly discussions.

Since my first apartment fell through, and I was left needing to look on my own, my coworkers jumped in by driving me around the neighborhood the day I told them I was looking. I’ve decided that Thai coworkers have to be the best people to work alongside, from a non-work advantage.

Most of this post is a ramble, and I’m not sure I’ve explained anything other than that the job IS going well. I AM getting good experience. I AM working quite hard, and learning a lot.

I think the door just opened a little wider…


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