Posted in February 2013

Chiang Mai

Did I tell you I went to Chiang Mai over Christmas? It’s the second-largest city in Thailand, about 10 hours north of Bangkok. But so quiet. You can get out of the city in 15 minutes, and the air doesn’t smell quite so pungent. It was a lovely change. My snapshots, and a few from … Continue reading

A list of crazies

I started thinking today about some of the insane situations I get myself into living on a budget in a country where I don’t speak the language. Situations where, if I let them happen in America, my sisters would openly stage an intervention for how pointlessly difficult I make my life. I only mention living … Continue reading

Rude, you say?

In America, it’s rude not to call or respond to emails within 24 hour (casual chats aside). In Thailand it’s rude to demand a response. In America, since I turned 18 I have called 98% of my friends and professional acquaintances by their first name. This includes most of my professors. In Thailand, everyone older … Continue reading


Somehow in these past few months, the professional style of Thailand has crept into my wardrobe choices. It’s mid-80s right now, and yesterday I wore a sundress. That just didn’t seem right, somehow. You CAN show your shoulders, and especially I can since I’m a foreigner and the rules don’t apply to me. However, there’s … Continue reading

More snippets

Conversation vignettes… She reached over and touched my arm, one finger outstretched, like you might touch a shiny new phone cover. I glanced up, questioning. “I like your skin. I want to have skin like you.” Inside, I cursed this universal self-loathing-habit every woman seems to harbor. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Can I say, ‘Want’ or should I … Continue reading

Still kicking

These are the things you need to know about this week. “Need” being used exceptionally loosely in this instance. 1. I logged 15 hours of overtime this week. Add 18.5 hours of travel time in there, and 2 hours for lunch and dinner and you realize that I spent less than 8 hours at home … Continue reading