Still kicking

These are the things you need to know about this week. “Need” being used exceptionally loosely in this instance.

1. I logged 15 hours of overtime this week. Add 18.5 hours of travel time in there, and 2 hours for lunch and dinner and you realize that I spent less than 8 hours at home per day this week. Imagine how tired I am. Just imagine.

2. I moved today. I can walk to work on Monday. Imagine how ecstatic I am. Ecstatic.

3. I’m in a new kind of honeymoon phase here, one where I catch myself remembering what I used to say I wanted to do with my life and giggle over the fact that my present reality is just that awesome. Everything I said I wanted to do, and so much more awesome, combined with a much harder transition than I could have imagined. Imagine how thrilling this is . So thrilling.

That’s what you need to know. Good night Bangkok, and Good morning America!


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