More snippets

Conversation vignettes…

She reached over and touched my arm, one finger outstretched, like you might touch a shiny new phone cover.

I glanced up, questioning.

“I like your skin. I want to have skin like you.”

Inside, I cursed this universal self-loathing-habit every woman seems to harbor.


“Can I say, ‘Want’ or should I say, ‘Need’?”

“It depends upon what you’re trying to say; is it a want or a need?”

“What do those words mean? What’s the difference?

We’ve repeated this conversation many times, with various Thais explaining that they don’t understand the purpose of these two words. Aren’t they interchangeable?


“You only want a [large, yoghurt] smoothie for supper?”

“Yeah, it’s plenty. I’ll be fine.”

“Oh, you’re on a diet!”


“Megan, how old are you?”

“I’m 26. How old did you think I was?

“You’re face….looks 15, but then your body…uuuuuhhhh….”

*Megan cannot contain her laughter and ruins the conversation*


“So, isn’t it funny that my coworkers guessed me to be 11 years younger than I am? haha!”

“Well, yes, of course…you have what we call a ‘Baby Face’.”

I have a WHAT?!


*Looking at images for a tearoom concept, my Google Images page is filled with teacakes and scones*

“Are you hungry?” asked my coworker as she glanced over.

“No, I’m trying not to be homesick!”


Topics I’ve been asked to explain, and verify the appropriate terms for further discussion:

Gay marriage
Gay lifestyle
Presentations to our highest-paying client
Interaction with authority figures
Safe Sex
Sense of humor
Business communication
Speech therapy techniques


2 thoughts on “More snippets

  1. Megan,
    What a list of terms you have to explain! Are these topics that Thais do not typically discuss but feel they can ask you because they are such discussed topics in America?

    • I think the portrayal of American culture through movies and the mainstream media says that we are comfortable talking about anything, anytime. Why I am expected to have answers…is beyond me!

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