A list of crazies

I started thinking today about some of the insane situations I get myself into living on a budget in a country where I don’t speak the language.

Situations where, if I let them happen in America, my sisters would openly stage an intervention for how pointlessly difficult I make my life. I only mention living on a budget because I am very aware if I were living the Hi-So lifestyle I could attend more functions with more English-speaking service. It’s not that people in Thailand don’t speak English, I just rarely justify letting myself hobnob in that pricy environment. I am just the assistant designer, after all.

1. Buying milk. Sometimes the brands don’t have an English translation. Sometimes I get milk, sometimes I get sweetened milk, sometimes I get flavored milk and once I got yoghurt.

2. Getting a haircut. She didn’t speak a word of English. Great haircut. Frightening experience.

3. Moving into an apartment building and only the owner speaks English, none of the staff.

4. Working as the first and only Farang employee in both offices.

5. Traveling across the city without an interpreter, everyday.

6. Joining a small group at church. Often I am the only foreigner, aside from the bilingual leaders.

There are more…but I should post more often, and waiting means I’m not posting.

Until next time…


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