Posted in March 2013

Facebook Copies

I shared this on Facebook. It’s long enough to be a blog post. Also, Elizabeth is coming on Tuesday. EEK! Last year on Easter, I was hunkered down in my living room, trying to complete 9 perspective renderings for my Senior Thesis Presentation, three days later. That’s 18 hours of work, on Easter Sunday. I … Continue reading

The horror of leaving

I can’t describe my emotions, the experience, the sensation of leaving all of this. This life that I wandered into, purely through a series of friendships and connections. I am grateful beyond words that I have had the honor of living in Bangkok for 9 months. I am heartbroken in a way I would never … Continue reading

Critical part 2

What prompted my earlier fuss over the lack of critical thinking in Thai culture was a series of road-blocks to my ability to perform at work. You see, I don’t think like a Thai. I also don’t fully know all the methods or standards of this office. I was not trained with the same process … Continue reading

Critical – Yes, sir!

This post has been brewing for awhile, and I’m hesitant to write it because it IS critical of the Asian approach to many things. After living here for nearly 9 months, though, I have some freedom to question and even criticize. This isn’t supposed to be the end-all or be-all in explaining Thai thinking, but … Continue reading


Friend 1: According to the Expat forum, you have to get birth control from a doctor – with a PRESCRIPTION. Friend 2: I can’t believe that. [Later] Friend 2: I asked a nurse friend of mine, she says you can get it from the pharmacy. Friend 1: Well that simplifies things. Friend 2: Yeah, seriously. … Continue reading


My former roommate is coming to visit me *right* before I leave for the States. Words cannot contain my excitement. For the first twenty-four hours after receiving her travel details, I walked around randomly grinning and squealed with excitement when I told my friends here. While she’s here, we’re going to Cambodia to visit an … Continue reading

Who’s culture is it anyway?

I cannot stop thinking about my Pakistani friends who have been thrown from their homes, come to Thailand looking for hope. They are not always kind, or gentle in their requests. They are a people desperate, fighting for a new life, and sometimes their manner affronts my well-cared-for sensibilities. Twenty-nine people living in one house. The … Continue reading

Future Plans

People are leaving. Lots of people. One of my closest friends is back in  the USA “for two months”, though I wonder if she’ll return or begin rebuilding her life in NYC. My other good friend leaves permanently on March 28th. My old host/sister/friend, Mod Dang, moved to live with her husband in the North … Continue reading