[Stolen From Jade] Why my Thailand is not about the Thais

This was my Saturday, and Sunday…

Posted March 9, 2013 by & filed under Journal.

wedding prepTomorrow is the big day! I’m really glad that it’s finally here. Planning for this wedding has actually been a lot less stressful than the first one. It’s been incredible how my community here in Bangkok has come together to support Benjamin and Selah. As I’ve been planning for the wedding, Selah’s role as the bride has really moved me.

She’s been forced from her home, surrounded by strangers, in a dangerous country, when all of a sudden, she finds out that in order to stay with the man she loves, she has to get married ASAP! Since she was a child, her wedding has been a far off, longed for event…..and without warning, it’s a week away—And in circumstances beyond comprehension! She never could have imagined her wedding being far from her family, friends, language, and traditions–all of the things that make a wedding special.

So Selah has to accept the disappearance of some dreams: Her dress will not be one she picks out, but instead will be borrowed from a friend. The ceremony will not be a traditional three day wedding, but will take place in around an hour, at the end of a church service. She will not be married at her home church, surrounded by friends and family, but instead at a foreign church, surrounded by people she barely knows.

While she might not be having the wedding of her dreams, she still gets to marry the man she loves. And the day will be full of hope as it has the added significance of taking her one step closer to finding a safe, permanent home to start a new family.


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