Friend 1: According to the Expat forum, you have to get birth control from a doctor – with a PRESCRIPTION.

Friend 2: I can’t believe that.

[Later] Friend 2: I asked a nurse friend of mine, she says you can get it from the pharmacy.

Friend 1: Well that simplifies things.

Friend 2: Yeah, seriously. This is is Thailand. People have a lot of sex here.


You remember where we were, when we did that day-tour of Bangkok. Remember where we ended up for dinner? Right before we got on the Air-Conditioned Bus?

Oh! Yes, of course.


You need to mop your floor everyday.


You didn’t take a shower before work today?

I showered last night.

That explains why you sneeze everyday, you don’t shower enough.

Entire CONTINENTS of people shower once daily, and are JUST as healthy as you.


How far did you walk to the bus last night?

Just 10 minutes.

SO FAR! Megan, you should not walk so far. TOO FAR!


I can’t show my shoulders while on university campuses, but I can buy wooden genetalia on the street for $5?


You want to meet downtown? That’s 5 miles away! It will take us 2 hours to drive there!


There are flies in the fruit.

Just pick them out, they don’t hurt you.


HEY! The internet didn’t cut out once during our skype call. It’s a miracle!!


How long have you been with your boyfriend?

Almost 10 years.

Do you think you will get married?

I’m not sure…I can’t decide if I care about him enough to marry him.

Do you live with him?

No, of course not. I live with my brother, and he lives with his parents!


Does your husband get home before you, is his job closer to your house?

I don’t live with my husband, he has his own apartment closer to his job.

So he just comes home on the weekends?

Not usually. He’s very independent.




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