Public transport

The thing about public transport, is that it’s never quite as simple as one believes. Especially in a mega-city, on busy days, when you don’t live close to the main lines.

Which is why, I am wearing a sundress and running shoes at 9 pm at night, on my way to the airport while carrying enough luggage you might think I was going somewhere, not picking someone up.

You see. I made plans to visit my friend’s gym with her at 9:30 am today. So I dressed in workout clothes aand running shoes. Then my friend invited me to get lunch and swim at her house afterward. So I packed a swimsuit, and the sundress for later. I also carry my camera, journal, kindle, map, sunglasses, colored pencils, wallet and a number of other items in my purse. As you might imagine, this means I had to pack an extra bag.

Then it was 4:30 in the afternoon and I was talking about staying for supper, still wearing my swimsuit. I stayed for dinner, changed clothes (and realized I had not packed flipflops) and painted my nails until it was time to meet my friend at the airport. Which means…

I have been out since 8:15 am, and at 9 pm here I am: With an oversized purse, and an overnight bag containing sweaty workout clothes and a damp swimsuit. Wearing gym shoes with my cotton dress, going to the airport.

Public transport has a few drawbacks.


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