Posted in June 2013

Impossibly Easy

I got through, oh – 4 posts? – Without dwelling on Reverse Culture Shock. I’m patting myself on the back for that transition. Now I’m giving myself a break and comparing and contrasting for a bit. Life in America feels Impossibly Easy. As in, because it’s so sensible and I can just COMMUNICATE ALREADY, I … Continue reading

These conversations

Real quick, before I get any additional texts or emails asking if my previous post referred to the box store position, sorry – No. I am still employed. I was interviewed for both positions the same week, took the telemarketing job  as I was waiting to hear about the hardware store position. I thought I … Continue reading

I quit

[Note: This entry touches on things that I often avoid discussing openly. Because I am more at peace with the situation, I’ve decided that I ought to adjust my tendencies. All I ask in return is that you Please be Gracious as you read. This is not a cry for help, this is a description.] … Continue reading

The Case of Employment

What you don’t see here, on this public blog, are the half-dozen posts I’ve written and saved, unpublished. As I’ve had a lot of time on my hands lately, I’ve been pondering and dissecting many situations. Some of this is bad, some of it is helping me get to a better understanding of who I … Continue reading

In lighter news

I’m an aunt again! Daisy Skiles Carey entered the public world on May 20th.   She was not a fan. But we like her, and once she started snuggling, life starting making a bit more sense. Her current accomplishments include thumb sucking, dragging one meal into an hour-plus experience, crazy long arms, tai chi-like motions, … Continue reading

Oy! But this is annoying

Looking back on my life, my life started with family, spread into the Church community my parents had chosen and then slowly branched into a larger circle of friends found through school, work, and various other activities. There’s a truism that you only hurt the ones you love. Those most vital to my normalcy are … Continue reading

A little bit of obsessive whiplash

Before I left for Thailand, I had a habit of spending 45 minutes in the shampoo aisle of my favorite box store. Leaving. Researching. Going to my favorite small grocery store, spending 15 minutes studying the 3 shampoo brands they offered. Researching. And buying at a hippie all-organic shop near my home, sulfate free, on … Continue reading

To my cities, with Love

To my cities, with Love

To Lafayette/West Lafayette, Thank you for a lovely childhood. For introducing my parents to one another, for teaching me about all of the wonderful ways to explore downtown, cross-culture, language, art and family. You contain memories of my first friends, but also of my angry teens and my isolated, terrified first college years. We have … Continue reading