Posted in July 2013

The insanity of our unsafety

What I didn’t tell you about the disaster of my foot the other day, is that I was out with a friend from work. Strangely enough, her name is also Megan. She’s quitting, to go into a more creative position for a pretty amazing company. Today I realized it’s probably a very good thing. We’re … Continue reading

That illusive community {Just Write}

I sprained my foot Saturday evening, in a foolish act of stumbling off a sidewalk while trying to say good-bye to a friend. Thus I’ve spent the last three days on the large red couch in my living room, butt-scooting upstairs for the restroom, asking my roommates to carry my food from kitchen to couch, … Continue reading

If I were into that {Just Write}

If I were into the Christianese phraseology, this post would be about finding my calling. I’d write about how God has called me to help people, how God has ‘called me to the nations’, how God has given me this ridiculous amount of insatiable curiosity. However, I’m not into that scene. I’m not into phrases, … Continue reading

Language confusion

Have I mentioned to you that I’m pretty good at learning languages? Not incredible, just above-average. It serves me well when I’m traveling, it helped me communicate 90% in Spanish for 3 months in Peru, opened many doors to new and better friendships with people. Six weeks into my first stay in Chile, my European … Continue reading

Everyone and their opinions

Cheyla – I got two kids, and when I’m at work, they’re at school or with their grandparents or their aunts. What about you? You got kids? Me – Nope, I have other things to do with my time right now. Do you have the broom? Cheyla – You want kids? Me – Sure, someday. … Continue reading

Pro-life? Really?

NOTE: 8 July 2013 – I wrote this post in November of last year, and never let myself publish it. In reviewing old drafts, I reread it and decided most of what I wrote, I would not edit. For honesty’s sake,  I will share this. This post might make you angry. And others cringe. I … Continue reading

When Roommate Hunting

I may or may not have made it clear to everyone I’ve met, emailed, spoken with or texted in the last 2.5 months that I desperately desperately needed to find a second roommate. Now you know, I desperately, desperately needed to find a second roommate. This started in March. Today is July 7th and I … Continue reading

Customers say the sweeeeetest things….

For all intents and purposes, C = Customer, MR = MeganRose MR – Did you find everything alright, sir? C – How TALL are you? MR – Well, why do you want to know? C – I’m tryin’ to write a PETITION to GOD that WOMEN shouldn’t be tallah than MEN! MR (taller than the … Continue reading