Customers say the sweeeeetest things….

For all intents and purposes, C = Customer, MR = MeganRose

MR – Did you find everything alright, sir?

C – How TALL are you?

MR – Well, why do you want to know?

C – I’m tryin’ to write a PETITION to GOD that WOMEN shouldn’t be tallah than MEN!

MR (taller than the customer) – Really. Well, in that case, you don’t need to know how tall I am.

C – I mean, reeeeealllly…..[C proceeds to relay a situation where he and his vertically challenged friends watched women tower over them]….and here I am, 5′ 7″!!!

MR – I’m taller than you sir. You don’t win this one. Have a good day. Next customer, please!


MR – Well, hello there, Mister! You’re just a cutie, aren’t you? How old are? Are you…..7? Are you, 3? Are you….this many?

[Child refuses to respond]

MR – Hmmmm, looks like your son really took the “Don’t talk to strangers” thing to heart, didn’t he?

C – I’m okay with that, I don’t want him to be too friendly all the time.

MR – He won’t even crack a smile, will he? Is he always so quiet?

C – Not really, I mean, we go to Wal-Mart and he’s all, “Hi! Hi! Hi”

MR – Hmm…your total today is $35.15.

C – But he does have a healthy fear of some people, it’s good.

Apparently, I’m one of those people. The one in the vest.

I choked.


C – Yeah, I have 4 children…that I know of.

MR – Phone number, please, for purchase tracking?

C – Whe-ell. Alright, honey. But you better be callin’ me, okay, then?

MR – No, sir, I’m not calling you. It’s to complete your order.

C – You WON’T call me? I’m hurt!

MR – I have a policy. No calling of married men, especially if they’re my parents’ age.

C – I don’t believe it.

MR – Good-bye.



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