Everyone and their opinions

Come again!

My face is in a constant state of: Come again!

Cheyla – I got two kids, and when I’m at work, they’re at school or with their grandparents or their aunts. What about you? You got kids?

Me – Nope, I have other things to do with my time right now. Do you have the broom?

Cheyla – You want kids?

Me – Sure, someday. But I’m busy now.

Cheyla – How OLD are you?

Me – Twenty-six. Don’t look so shocked! I know everyone here thinks I’m twenty-one. So I’m fine.

Cheyla – GURL! You got ta get movin’. Your CLOCK is TICKIN’! Ain’t that right, Miranda?

Me – It is NOT! I have plenty of time.

Miranda – MMM-hmmmm….you better get on that, Miss Megan Rose.


Regular Customer – You look tired.

Me – Yep, long day.

RC – All of my days are 12 hrs or more.

Me – Like mine, today…guess I’ll stop complaining.

RC – You weren’t complaining, it’s understandable.

Me – Haha – thanks.

RC – I’m there. Do you want a sympathy hug?

Me – Nope! I don’t think that’s allowed.

RC – OF COURSE it’s allowed…

Me – Here’s your change, sir.

Next customer! [who happened to be choking on his laughter]


Customer is requesting a large discount on an item, which requires the head cashier to check with three different levels of management. Instead of quietly waiting, or making small talk, customer tries to charm his way through it.

The crowning glory:
“You have…paint in your hair.”

Me – Do I?

Customer – I’m not kidding. You have paint in your hair. Right there.

Me – It’s staying in.

Customer – It is? You’re not going to get it out?

Me – Yes, it’s staying in because. I. cannot. do. anything. about. it. until. I. go. Home.

[Which was actually a veiled threat upon his person should he try to remove the paint FOR me…which is what I think he was reaching over to do]

I don’t even work in the paint department, or with open containers of anything.

#LifeFail #HotMess


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